Michael Feifer, Director-Producer

Michael Feifer doesn't just define himself as a director, writer or producer but as a filmmaker. He's worn every hat on a movie set since starting in the business back in 1992. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Architecture, Mr. Feifer began applying to graduate schools with the idea of continuing his education in architectural design. During that time his father was producing independent films and Michael was inadvertently drawn into the business.

After working on only three projects Michael took the leap and produced his first film. Since then he has produced and line produced more than 60 independent feature films. But producing didn't fulfill all of Mr. Feifer's creative passions so he began to study and hone his directorial knowledge and talent by Assistant Directing many of the films that he was producing. One of Mr. Feifer's most exciting and fulfilling AD jobs was 1st ADing for Al Pacino on his labor of love, "Wild Salome".

In 2005, when a director dropped out of a film that Mr. Feifer was producing, Michael got the opportunity to direct a thriller starring Jennifer Carpenter and Judd Nelson called "Lethal Eviction". Since then, Michael has directed over 20 feature films of all sorts of genres from horror to thriller to comedy.

2009 and 2010 have been very busy years for Mr. Feifer. In 2009 his film "The Dog Who Saved Christmas" aired on ABC Family Channel in November to an audience of 4 million. Mr. Feifer won The Beverly Hills Film Festival's award for Best Director for a film that he wrote, directed and produced called "Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas". That summer Michael directed "Abandoned," which was Brittany Murphy's last feature film and also starred Mimi Rogers, Dean Cain and Peter Bogdanovich. Since then he has directed three more films, including "Soda Springs," the film Michael says out of all of his movies is "closest to his heart."