Jay Pickett and Gary Hollie both grew up in the small town of Caldwell, Idaho. Although we no longer live in the state we still consider it home. It has always been a dream of ours to return to our home state and make a film. This dream has been made easier by the fact we have a lot of friends and family in the greater Boise area.

When most people think of Idaho, their first thought is "Potatoes." Well, there is much more to this picturesque state than potatoes and we felt it was the ideal place to shoot our film. For one, it is a beautiful and diverse state filled with the friendliest people you would ever want to meet. Adjacent to Oregon and Washington in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho's landscape is filled with rivers, mountains, trees, desert and an abundance of farmland.

Capturing this beautiful scenery is Idaho Native Jeffery Smith, our Director of Photography. Jeff's knowledge of Idaho and his professional experience as a Hollywood Cinematographer made him the perfect choice for our film.

Idaho resident and well-known western artist Dyrk Godby has been an important part of this project from the beginning. Besides being a prolific artist, Dyrk is also a singer/songwriter and was one of the original inspirations behind the script.

Dyrk introduced us to another talented artist, Monte Thomas. Not only is Monte accomplished singer/songwriter, he also happens to reside in Emmett, Idaho, the town where a large portion of our film was shot. Monte has been invaluable as far as creating contacts with local police, business owners, politicians, and residents for use of locations in and around their beautifully rustic and historic town.

Another talented Idaho resident, Steve Fulton is handling all of our musical needs from original score to sound track. The sound track will feature many wonderful Idaho musicians.

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